Caterpillar Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

We’re available to handle your Caterpillar cylinder repair 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

At Yates Industries, we understand that there’s never a good time for your cylinder to break down. Under optimal conditions, your hydraulic cylinder supports your Caterpillar’s powerful movements so you can tackle tough jobs with ease. No matter how complicated the job seems, you can turn to us for reliable Caterpillar® hydraulic cylinder repairs.

Cylinder Repair Warning Signs

Contamination is responsible for the majority of hydraulic cylinder failures. Operators may miss the early warning signs, as efficiency losses come on slowly, and may not be noticed until it’s too late.

Operators may be able to detect issues early if they are trained to look for these early warning signs:

  • Unexplained Leaks
  • Contaminated Oil
  • Damaged Seals
  • Increased Cycle Times
  • Decreased Speed & Productivity

Types of Caterpillar Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs

Before total replacement, Caterpillar hydraulic cylinders can typically be repaired in one of three ways, depending on the amount of internal damage.

  • Reseals: This kind of repair involves sealing any gaps between parts. Typically, it can involve a mix of dynamic seals for the parts in motion and static seals around the rod and piston. Undamaged core components are returned to their place inside the cylinder.
  • Repairs: When early warning signs are identified, hydraulic cylinders can often be repaired back to their original condition. This involves repairing slightly damaged components quickly and efficiently.
  • Rebuilds: In rebuilds, old, worn components are replaced, and reusable parts are salvaged for use in the cylinder. This is a cost-effective option when compared to full replacements.

hydraulic cylinder repair

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Get Repair Services From Yates Industries

Fixing a leaking seal without relying on an expert seems like a wise choice on the surface. The challenge is that this quick and cheap fix may be hiding a longer-term issue that will only worsen over time. If the leaky seal indicates an internal failure, then the fix becomes a risky proposition as the cost of repairs increases the longer the real problem goes unnoticed.

Yates offers 24/7 around-the-clock Caterpillar hydraulic cylinder repair services to minimize the downtime of your critical equipment. Common parts that we replace and repair include:

  • Cylinder Barrels
  • Cylinder Heads
  • Cylinder Base
  • Pistons
  • Seals & Gasket

As an ISO 9001:2015-certified company, we’re committed to using the latest quality control methods and cutting-edge repair techniques to diagnose and repair your Caterpillar hydraulic cylinders. You can count on us to get the job done right every time.

Choosing the Right Caterpillar Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Repair Service

Knowing which repair you need can be a complicated decision to make, and it’s one that you don’t have to make on your own. We always recommend turning to a professional for hydraulic cylinder seal repairs. Our specialists have many years of experience and can help you find the right solution. Before we recommend any repair service, we always perform a thorough evaluation.

How Do You Replace a Caterpillar Hydraulic Cylinder Seal?

If you already have some experience, and want to replace your seals on your own, we recommend purchasing one of our convenient seal kits. Read our guidelines below to ensure proper replacement:

First, make sure you’re confident that the leaky seal is not a result of another internal issue. If you fail to address the real problem, you may wind up with costlier repairs or possibly need a full cylinder replacement. Second, ensure that you’ve purchased the right seal kit. Third, identify where you will place your components while working on the reseal. Follow appropriate safety measures to protect yourself.

Now you’re ready to get started! Make sure the pressure has been fully released from the cylinder before removing the gland. Then, pull the piston rod out of the motor and place it in a location that is free from dust and debris. Snap a photo of the components, so you remember the order that you took them apart.

Replace the seal or O-ring as needed in the gland or piston. Make sure all parts are well-lubricated before reinstalling the cylinder. Finally, start up your machine and test for leaks.

Repaired Cylinders

Below is a collection of Yates Industries past completed cylinder repairs including before and after photos.

Guaranteed Competitive

We proudly offer one of the industry’s best warranties on welded hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders – giving you our assurance that your Caterpillar cylinder will perform at or above the original specifications.

You can trust that every Caterpillar hydraulic cylinder that’s sent in for repair will go through a comprehensive inspection process to determine the root cause of its initial failure. Our certified welders are highly trained in both mig and tig welding. Working with Yates designed custom welding fixtures, our expert service team assures the highest quality and consistency of welds.

As an integral part of our quality process, all Caterpillar hydraulic cylinder repairs are tested to their rated pressures before leaving our facility. We then work closely with our customers to implement processes to help prevent costly breakdowns from reoccurring to their Caterpillar hydraulic cylinders.

In the event that repairing your Caterpillar hydraulic cylinder is not economically feasible, we will quote a new replacement cylinder with the most competitive pricing in the industry. Yates Cylinders also manufactures a full line of NFPA/JIC cylinders, so if you need a specialty cylinder, look no further than Yates Industries. Just as we repair welded cylinders to your specs, we can manufacture any custom cylinder to meet those same specs.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with multiple boring mills, CNC machines, radial arm drills, and 11 manual lathes, Yates can have your unit repaired faster and with higher quality than anyone else in the business. At Yates, we pride ourselves on our ability to return a welded cylinder to its original specifications or better “The First Time, Every Time.”

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