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Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers

Yates Industries has stood out as leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturers and hydraulic cylinder suppliers in the United States since 1972.

Hydraulic Cylinder Suppliers

In addition to manufacturing hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders we also offer expert hydraulic cylinder repair, pneumatic cylinder repair, replacement hydraulic cylinders and more. Contact us today for more details!

Common Types of Cylinders

Most industrial hydraulic cylinders come in one of three types: mill duty, tie rod and welded. Compare the basic features of these cylinders to determine the best option for your project or equipment.

Mill duty cylinders are built for extreme use. Choose a pneumatic mill duty, heavy-duty hydraulic mill or hydraulic severe duty cylinder for your uncompromising manufacturing process. Mill duty cylinders undergo extreme pressure and use, so choose an option that can match your PSI needs, mounting style and bore size requirements.

Tie rod cylinders are a great in-between option for heavy-to-light-duty pneumatic or hydraulic applications. Select a bore size between 1.5 inches to 24 inches and choose between an impressive 23 mount types. Your steel mill, stamping press or foundry equipment needs reliable tie rod cylinders to bend, press, shear, forge, clamp or counterbalance with industry-leading precision.

Welded cylinders don’t require tie rods, since the cylinder housing uses a barrel and end cap directly welded together. Packing and milling equipment use this reliable style of cylinder for medium and heavy applications. A heavy-duty welded cylinder from Yates is capable of up to 3,000 PSI and a bore size up to 18 inches.

These three categories of cylinders offer a broad scope of the types of hydraulic cylinders available, but each category covers a wide range of specifications. Small-bore cylinders for light applications require completely different tools and skills than heavy-duty, large-bore cylinders for primary manufacturing equipment.

hydraulic cylinder manufacturers

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What Is a Hydraulic Cylinder?

hydraulic cylinder suppliersA hydraulic cylinder is an actuating mechanism used to generate a force to lift, push, or press a load, creating mechanical power in a linear motion. They are used in a variety of industrial applications. For example, mechanics use hydraulics to lift your car when you visit an auto body shop to have a tune-up.

These cylinders are comprised of a steel tube, a piston rod, a seal gland, and other mounting features. There are various styles produced today by hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, including single acting, double acting, tie rod, and welded.

How Do These Cylinders Work?

In a hydraulic unit, the pressure is produced by the hydraulic pumping unit, which is the size of the piston. The pumping unit and the piston determine the strength that is wielded by the cylinder. Thus, the weight that the hydraulic unit can lift is equal to the force delivered by the pump multiplied by the rod’s size.

Typical Applications for Hydraulic Style Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are used in a wide variety of industrial and mobile applications. Industrial applications include cranes, hydraulic presses, packing machines, and various forges. Mobile applications include agricultural devices, construction vehicles, and marine devices. Hydraulics are also essential to machines’ power, including excavators, dump trucks, drill rigs, and loaders.

Hydraulic Cylinder Components

These cylinders are comprised of several components that work together to produce a linear force. The main components include:

  • Cylinder barrel: The barrel acts as the housing of the cylinder, and its primary function is to contain the device’s pressure. Made from honed steel tubes, cylinder barrels are durable and feature a smooth inside surface.
  • Cylinder base: The base, or the cap, encloses the cylinder pressure at one end. The base is connected to the barrel through bolts or threads.
  • Cylinder head: The machine head encloses the cylinder pressure chamber at the other end. It often features a seal or a seal gland.
  • Piston: The primary function of the piston is to act as a separation of the pressure zones. Inside the barrel, the pressure zones must be disconnected to function correctly.
  • Piston rod: The piston rod is crucial to the functionality of every hydraulic cylinder. Most rods are made from a chrome-plated finished steel bar which is machined with a precise cutting blade. The steel bar diffuses the power generated by the piston to the device component.
  • Seal gland: The seal gland is equipped with seals to prevent leaks. Seal glands can be easily removed from the cylinder head, allowing for easy upgrades.

Other components of a cylinder include the head, gaskets, and various other seals to prevent leaks.

What To Consider When Choosing a Cylinder

Choosing the proper cylinder depends on numerous factors, most notably the intended application. The application will inform the force needed and other factors, including stroke length, operating pressure, and speed. The most critical factor to consider is determining how much mass you will need to move using the cylinder. Once you have selected the mass, you should consider the mass’s impact on the power required to move it. ¬†You should always choose a hydraulic type cylinder that can accommodate more force than you intend to generate.

Single Acting vs. Double Acting Cylinders

Single-acting cylinders extend by power from the pump and retract due to the pressure of the load. Some single-acting cylinders also have an inbuilt spring mechanism to facilitate the retraction process. On the other hand, double-acting cylinders utilize hydraulic force to both extend and retract the device.

Yates Cylinders is a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer based in the U.S. We work with many hydraulic cylinder suppliers to manufacture and rebuild hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders for various applications.

Custom Cylinder Options

Few pieces of manufacturing equipment use the exact same cylinder. Differences in cylinder design, bore size, PSI rating and other features can vary widely. For older equipment, you may not find the exact OEM cylinder replacement available. In cases like this we can create custom-made cylinders to fit your exact specifications. After initial designs and final manufacturing, all of our cylinders undergo quality testing and assurance to ensure reliable fit and long-lasting quality.

Cutting-Edge Cylinder Repair Services

In addition to being a leader of hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in USA, Yates offers premier cylinder repair services. Receive emergency repair services for all types of cylinders. Our three locations and floor plants enjoy ISO 9001:2015 certification and employ a trained team for 24/7 emergency response times.

With over 47 years of experience, our team can confidently repair and restore any make or model of cylinder. Whether you need emergency repairs on one of our manufactured cylinders or need routine maintenance on another leading brand of hydraulic cylinder, we proudly warranty all our cylinder repairs.

Over time, even the best hydraulic cylinders break down. The resulting downtime can be costly for your production facility. Choose a service provider and repair team who can confidently restore OEM or better performance for your heavy-duty or light-duty hydraulic cylinder.

Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers in the USA

Choose a name that is synonymous with high-quality, low-cost hydraulic cylinders and cylinder repair services. Contact us at Yates Cylinders today to learn more about how you can enjoy affordable cylinders from a leader of Hydraulic cylinder suppliers. Call our emergency after-hours line at 800.340.6024 for emergency services to keep your company moving forward.

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