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Hydraulic Cylinder Types

Hydraulic cylinder experts Yates Industries offers insights into some of the common types of hydraulic cylinders.

Cylinder experts Yates Industries offers some insights on hydraulic cylinder types.

The types of cylinders below use a piston and piston rod, both housed in a durable barrel. The exact size, force and range of motion vary depending on the type of cylinder:

  • Tie Rod Cylinders: A durable steel tie rod is threaded and included outside of the cylinder barrel. This improves the stability of your hydraulic equipment and allows accurate, versatile performance.
  • Welded Cylinders: This option uses a barrel with end caps welded together for a secure, high-pressure result. These cylinders don’t include a tie rod, but have a slim exterior and can handle intense operating conditions.
  • Mill Duty Cylinders: The extreme workhorse of the Yates Cylinders lineup, a mill duty hydraulic or pneumatic component can handle the most extreme conditions and still provide up to 3,000 PSI. Thanks to the increased wall tubing thickness, your mill duty cylinder can accommodate a bore size up to 24 inches.

Other hydraulic cylinder types include the single acting hydraulic cylinder and the double acting hydraulic cylinder. Custom cylinders or large bore cylinders are also options based on your specific needs.

Once you choose the ideal type for your equipment, compare mounting methods. If you’re designing a new piece of equipment, you can think creatively about the best mounting method to provide stability, easy removal and lightweight performance. For a replacement cylinder, choose the exact mounting method to match your OEM installation for easy replacement.

At our custom manufacturing facility, our team at Yates can create virtually any type of mounting method for your project. Choose flange mounts, side mounts, centerline lug mounts, pivot mounts or other options.

hydraulic cylinder types

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Common Types of Hydraulic Cylinders

hydraulic cylinder componentsWhen shopping for a new cylinder, work with a professional to identify the best option. Does your project require a large bore cylinder, a single acting hydraulic cylinder, or perhaps a double acting hydraulic cylinder? Yates can help. Here are some other factors to consider once you’ve chosen the cylinder type and mounting method:

  • Seal options
  • Fluid type
  • Cylinder materials

The seal will determine your maintenance scheduling and the acceptable pressure in the system. Hydraulic fluids can range in cost and performance and should be chosen carefully if you’re working in extreme temperature environments.

Common Applications

Industrial cylinders are used in a variety of applications. Choose a replacement cylinder or repair service for your construction equipment, manufacturing machinery or processing plant. From streamlined pneumatic welded cylinders to the largest hydraulic mill duty alternatives, work with a leader in cylinder services to keep your operation moving forward.

Signs You Need Servicing and Repairs

A cylinder must operate in severe working conditions. A workplace accident or continued routine use can compromise the integrity of your cylinder. Look for these signs to see if you need to replace or repair this essential hydraulic component.

Unusual movements or noises are the primary signs of damage. Your cylinder should glide smoothly in and out, whether operating a press or lifting a dump truck bucket. A shuddering, inconsistent travel distance means there is excess friction in the component.

Modern hydraulic systems include sensors and alarm systems. An activated alarm means there is an inconsistency with the pressure, temperature or other feature of your hydraulic system. Stop operation immediately and contact a professional to inspect the hydraulics for signs of damage.

Work With a Leader in Cylinder Repairs and Manufacturing

Contact us today at Yates Cylinders to enjoy emergency repairs or to receive more information about your hydraulic system. Our experts can quickly assess any damage and offer industry-leading repairs or offer a full replacement system for brand-new performance. Don’t settle for an outdated or second-rate cylinder, but upgrade your hydraulic system with the latest in welded, mill duty or tie rod hydraulics.

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