Mill Duty Pneumatic Cylinders - Series MP

The MP Series of Heavy-Duty Pneumatic Mill Cylinders is engineered to cover most mill duty pneumatic applications.

Bore Sizes From 2" – 8" 250 PSI

8 mounting styles

Common Applications: Steel Industry where light force applications is needed, steel mill and foundry.

1 Year Limited Warranty

Manufactured in Alabama

H2 Hydraulic Cylinder


Mill Features MP

1. Head/Cap: Precision machined steel head and cap provides close concentricity and accurate alignment between piston, tube, piston rod and rod bearing.

2. Cylinder Barrel: Damage resistant, heavy wall steel tubing, honed to 16-20 micro finish for low frictional drag and maximum seal and piston bearing life. Chrome plated ID is also available.

3. Rod Cartridge: Extra long, high strength bronze gland provides maximum bearing support and wear resistance. A removable retainer allows for gland removal without cylinder disassembly.

4. Piston: One piece ductile iron piston provides maximum strength and protection against shock loads. Anaerobic adhesive is used to permanently lock and seal piston to rod on 6" bore and smaller. Piston is o-ring sealed and mechanically locked on bores over 6". Steel bronze overlay is also available.

5. Piston Rod: High strength damage resistant piston rod provides 100,000 PSI minimum yield material in 1" through 4 1/2" diameters. Larger diameters vary between 50,000 and 75,000 PSI minimum yield material. All rods are case hardened to 50-55 RC and hard chrome plated to provide maximum wear life. Stainless steel is also available.

6. Body Flanges: Steel flanges threaded to OD of barrel. On trunnion mount cylinders, both flanges and trunnions are welded to tube.

7. Cushions: Available on all bore sizes. Head cushion sleeve and rear cushion spear are machined to close tolerances to provide gradual deceleration and reduced shock at end of stroke.

8. Cushion Needle Adjustment and Ball Check: Captive cushion adjustment allows for safe cushion adjustment under pressure. Special tip design and fine threads allow for precise adjustment over a broad range of operations. Ball check allows for fast break-away under full power.

9 Tube End Seal: High durometer o-rings and back-ups insure leak-free service.

10. Ports: SAE O-ring ports are standard and can be rotated to any 90° position. NPTF ports are available at no extra charge.

11. Rod Seal: Twin lip urethane rod seal is pressure energized and wear compensated for long, leak-free service.

12. Piston Seals: Low friction, high load piston seals with outboard wear bands are standard. Loaded lip seals and cast iron rings are optional.

13. Rod Wiper: Double lip wiper acts as a secondary seal while keeping out dirt, dust and other contaminants. Metallic scrapers and low friction wipers are also available.

Welded Clevis Each End

Cap Clevis

Cap Crosstube

Cap Spherical Bearing

No Mount

Cap Eye

Cap Eye

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