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Large Bore Cylinders

Yates offers custom large bore hydraulic cylinders and large bore pneumatic cylinders with bore diameters up to 55 inches.

Advantages and Applications

Learn how you can benefit from these large-scale hydraulic, pneumatic and custom options and why Yates Cylinders is a leader in cylinder manufacturing and cylinder repair services.

Large Bore Cylinder Types

Unique industrial applications require cylinders engineered to produce proven results. Compare common cylinder types to determine the best option for your heavy-duty needs. Yates offers bore diameters up to 55″:

  • Large Bore Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Large Bore Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Mill duty
  • Welded
  • Tie rod
  • Double Acting
  • Single Acting

  • large bore cylinders

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Tie Rod Cylinders

large bore pneumatic cylindersTie rod cylinders are an excellent option for high-strength stability and dependability. As the most common option in the nation, much of your hydraulic equipment may already be using tie rod hydraulic cylinders.

Yates standard large bore tie rod cylinders can reach 24 inches, with specialty cylinders operating with a bore diameter up to 50 inches.

Welded Cylinders

Welded cylinders can be used in high-pressure settings to deliver reliable results. A Yates Cylinders severe duty cylinder uses a bore size up to 24 inches and operates at 3,000 PSI. Many applications that require extreme temperatures and other environmental issues use welded cylinders.

Mill Duty Cylinders

Mill duty cylinders are a common industrial option for European equipment and manufacturing needs. These hydraulic options come in bore sizes up to 24 inches and are capable of handling pressure, wear and other harsh conditions.

Yates Cylinders also manufacturers large bore pneumatic cylinders for air-powered applications. While these cylinders may not have the same PSI ratings as hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems can still accommodate a large bore for heavy-duty settings.

Discuss your hydraulic system with our experienced customer service team. We’ll work with you to determine the best cylinder option for your manufacturing or processing needs. Don’t let an inefficient cylinder hold your company back, but work with our team to find out how a large bore cylinder design can help you reach heavy-duty solutions.

Heavy-Duty Applications

Invest in large bore cylinders for a number of industrial applications. Here are some common ways that manufacturing facilities in various industries are successfully using large bore hydraulic cylinders:

  • Construction equipment
  • Mining
  • Baler
  • Marine
  • Drilling
  • Testing
  • Steel mill

Advantages of Large Bore Cylinders

For many situations, these cylinders offer more power and pressure. Bore size isn’t all that you need to maximize the force and motion of your industrial equipment. Choose a cylinder based on the pressure rating, stroke length and other features to enjoy a leading cylinder for your particular application.

Increase the output of your hydraulic system by increasing the pressure and bore size. Yates Cylinders offers uncompromising quality, consistency and repair service for your equipment.

Some applications require a small bore design. If you’re looking for a high-speed process or a space-saving design, you may need to select a small bore cylinder from our range of cylinders. Find efficient options with bore sizes as small as 1.5 inches.

Cylinder Repair Services

Restore a damaged or inefficient cylinder with Yates repair services. Cylinders are often subjected to extreme force. Whether you have specialized equipment or an essential machine that operates around the clock, it’s essential to invest in reliable and cost-effective cylinder repair services.

Our ISO 9001:2015 certified team uses the latest engineering technology and manufacturing expertise to restore your industrial process to OEM or better efficiency. Whether you take advantage of our extensive in-house selection of cylinder parts or our welding and fabrication experts, we service cylinders for a range of professional applications.

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Enjoy exceptional products and superior customer service today. Contact us at Yates Cylinders to learn more about the benefits of large bore cylinders and to receive an estimate for affordable cylinder replacement or repair services.

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