Welded Pneumatic Heavy Duty Cylinders - Series WP

The WP Series is a solid choice for manufacturing and packaging applications. Yates also offers replacement WP Series cylinders for machinery including latch, tilt, press, transfer and mold equipment.

Bore Sizes From 1.5" – 6" Max. Operation 250 PSI

Common Applications: designed for manufacturing and packaging industry purposes. Yates offers replacement WP series cylinders for a range of machinery including latch, tilt, press, transfer, and mold equipment.

1 years Lmited Warraty

Manufactured in Georgia

Medium Duty Cylinder


Hydraulic Series WM

1. Ports: Steel port bosses, welded to barrel. NPTF ports are standard and can be rotated to any position in relation to each other and the mounting. SAE ports are available at no extra charge.

2. Cylinder Barrel: Cold drawn 1026. Wall thickness engineered to reduce weight & cost. Honed to 8 - 16 micro finish for low frictional drag, maximum seal and piston bearing life.

3. Rod Gland: Ductile iron gland, snap ring retained in tube provides maximum bearing support and wear resistance.

4. Piston: One piece ductile iron piston provides maximum strength and protection against shock loads. Self locking nut is used to permanently lock piston to rod. Piston is o-ring sealed.

5. Piston Rod: Chrome plate C1045. 75,000psi yield material.

6. Gland O-ring Seal: High durometer o-ring and back-up insures leak free service.

7. Rod Seal: WM series, twin lip urethane rod seal is pressure energized and wear compensating for long, leak free service. Viton® seals are optional. WP series uses a nitrite u-cup with back up. Viton® seals are optional.

8. Piston Seals: WM series, o-ring energized loaded lip with wear band is standard. Step cut cast iron rings, Viton® seals, and Hi Load seals are optional. WP series uses a nitrite u-cup with back up. Viton® seals are optional.

9. Rod Wiper: Urethane rod wiper to keep out dirt and dust. Viton® wiper is available for fluid compatibility or temperatures to 400°F. Metallic scrapers and low friction wipers are also available.

Welded Clevis Each End

Cap Clevis

Cap Crosstube

No Mount

Cap Spherical Bearing

Cap Eye

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