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Custom Cylinders

Yates custom made hydraulic cylinders and custom pneumatic cylinders
are tailored to your specific needs.

Custom Made Cylinders

As a leader in hydraulic cylinder manufacturing and repairs, we’re committed to efficient performance and long-lasted results.

Whether you’re operating a mining truck, plastic-mold machine, construction equipment or other industrial machinery, hydraulic cylinders are the muscle behind much of your process. Find out how you can enjoy carefully engineered custom hydraulic cylinders by working with Yates Cylinders.

As a leader in hydraulic cylinder manufacturing and repairs, we’re committed to efficient performance and long-lasted results. Compare our cylinder types and ranges of customization to keep your company operating efficiently.

Custom Cylinder Types

There are a range of cylinder types to choose from. Work with a qualified engineer to compare different types of custom hydraulic cylinders and custom pneumatic cylinders for your specific equipment. Here are the basic options you can choose from when starting a custom cylinder design:

  • Mill duty
  • Welded
  • Tie rod
  • Double Acting
  • Single Acting
  • Large Bore Cylinders

  • custom hydraulic cylinders

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Mill Duty Cylinders

custom made hydraulic cylindersMill duty cylinders are particularly popular in European manufacturing facilities and industrial equipment. Choose a mill duty cylinder to balance high pressure ratings, extreme durability and a range of bore sizes up to 55″.

Welded Cylinders

Welded cylinders are one of the most durable options available for hydraulic applications. These high-pressure cylinders feature end caps welded directly to the barrel, which removes the need for tie rods.

Tie Rod Cylinders

Tie rod cylinders are highly popular options with an exceptionally wide range of dimensions, pressure ratings and mounting options. These cylinders use exterior tie rods to increase their stability and strength. They can be used in virtually any application, although they typically don’t have the extreme pressure ratings as welded or mill duty options.

Choose Pneumatic or Hydraulic

Your custom cylinder can use either pneumatic or hydraulic power. The most common option for industrial needs is hydraulic, particularly if you’re looking for a large bore size or high pressure performance. A hydraulic system may require more maintenance, but it’s easily controlled and hydraulic fluid doesn’t absorb energy like a pneumatic system.

Pneumatic cylinders use gas or air instead of liquid. They are often more affordable and require less maintenance, but they don’t have the pressure and force capabilities. Many small bore Yates cylinders can be customized for either pneumatic or hydraulic use.

Select a Mounting Option

Custom hydraulic cylinders enjoy an extensive range of mounting options to best fit your particular use. Depending on the type of cylinder you use, you can enjoy up to 23 different mounting types. Tie rod cylinders are incredibly versatile, but mill duty options are less flexible in mounting options.

Common mounting options include center mount, side mount and foot mount. The particular mounting method depends on your cylinder and on the application. A side-mounted or foot-mounted cylinder generates offset loads, so this can increase the wear and tear of your cylinder. Center mounts have a balanced alignment but can be damaged by any slight misalignment.

Compare fixed and pivot mounting methods to determine the ideal option for your industrial condition. Fixed or pivot, center or side mounting methods all depend on your equipment and your cylinder, so select the type of cylinder first before working with our team on a mounting method.

Find the Right Bore Size, Stroke Length and Operating Pressure

Once you’ve selected a cylinder type and mounting method, custom hydraulic cylinders can come in a wide range of sizes, stroke lengths and operating pressure. The manufacturing and engineering expertise at Yates ensures your custom cylinder can meet or exceed your size, length and pressure requirements.

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders at Yates Cylinders

Contact us today to start a conversation about custom hydraulic cylinders. Compare our manufactured options and your OEM cylinder to determine the best custom option to improve the efficiency of your operation. Don’t let a standard cylinder hold you back but accelerate your production with a custom option from a leader in cylinder manufacturing.

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