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Double Acting Pneumatic Cylinders

For nearly five decades, Yates Cylinders has persevered as a leading manufacturer of quality, affordable double acting pneumatic cylinders

What is a Double Acting Pneumatic Cylinder? At it’s most basic a double acting pneumatic cylinder (also referred to as an “air” cylinder) is a cylinder where it’s output force, or “thrust” generated by the piston moves in both forward and retracting directions.

Types of Double Acting Air Cylinders: Most of our light- and heavy-duty cylinders fall into three categories.

  • Tie-rod cylinders – When your operation requires actions such as bending, clamping or forging, a tie-rod cylinder is just the ticket. Our wide range of configurations can accommodate custom length, bore-size and mount requirements for all of your specialized applications.
  • Mill-duty cylinders – When an ultra-durable component is needed, Yates’ mill-duty cylinders have you covered. These pneumatic workhorses go the distance for you in the most extreme conditions. A Yates mill-duty double acting pneumatic cylinder is equipped with a high-load piston design, chrome-plated rods and heavy wall tubing.
  • Welded cylinders – Our welded pneumatic cylinders are a solid choice for manufacturing and packaging applications. We also offer replacement cylinders for machinery including latch, tilt, press, transfer and mold equipment.

Because the small things can make a big difference to your business, Yates houses a large selection of cylinder parts and accessories. Rods, seal kits, couplers and swivel-eye brackets are just a few of the accessories available to you. In addition to double acting air cylinders we also offer single acting pneumatic cylinders.

double acting pneumatic cylinder

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Double Acting Air Cylinder Repair

double acting air cylindersWhen a component fails, you risk losing time and profit. Yates’ engineers do everything possible to minimize costly breakdowns and expedite repairs for our customers. Our service team knows the anatomy of a double acting pneumatic cylinder and can answer your questions or perform pneumatic cylinder repair 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

If your component requires repair, the process begins with a detailed inspection to discover the root cause of the failure. With that information and your specifications, our expert technicians repair the part and expedite the return to you.

Air Cylinder Manufacturers

Yates’ reputation as one of the country’s leading pneumatic cylinder manufacturers has flourished for nearly half a century. What’s our secret? We value our workforce, and that value comes back to us. Our positive work environment and supportive corporate culture foster employee dedication. A double acting pneumatic cylinder isn’t just another part. Every component we design and produce receives the careful attention of experienced engineers and skilled technicians who are invested in their work product.

Yates prioritizes quality control, which enables us to offer one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Every cylinder we manufacture or repair is cycle-tested to the specified working pressure before delivery. Our devotion to the finest equipment, materials and staff doesn’t waver. It’s our best guarantee that your cylinders will match your specifications and exceed your expectations.

Production Facilities

From our beginnings as a modest fluid-power distributor, our facilities and production capacity have grown considerably. Every inch of our building is designed to facilitate the production and service of cylinders. The Yates double acting pneumatic cylinder you use in your forklift or injection mold operation was probably produced in our 300,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing and repair facility.

Most pneumatic cylinder suppliers can’t match Yates’ substantial in-house inventory of raw and finished goods. Fast access to these items allows us to produce and deliver your cylinders under the most demanding time constraints.

At Yates Cylinders, we are proud of our reputation for quality, value and turnaround time. Our reputation and experience are the reasons companies like yours trust us. When your operation runs smoothly and your customers are happy, we know we’ve done our job. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your trust and provide you with the quality pneumatic products and services that match your company’s unique applications.

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