Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild

How Much Does It Cost to Rebuild a Hydraulic Cylinder?

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If your hydraulic cylinder has failed, you’re likely asking yourself ‘how much does it cost to rebuild a hydraulic cylinder’? The answer depends on the type of cylinder and the type of failure it has suffered, but it will likely be less than the cost of a new cylinder. Read on to learn more about rebuilding a hydraulic cylinder.

Hydraulic Cylinder Failure

One of the telltale signs that a hydraulic cylinder has failed is a large leak. If your cylinder merely has a small leak, it may simply need a new seal. However, if the leak is bad enough that your cylinder is losing pressure, the cylinder itself may have failed. Hydraulic cylinder failure can also occur when dirt or water gets into the cylinder, which commonly happens because of a leak.

If the hydraulic cylinder is very old and has seen a lot of mileage, it may fail. If this is the cause of the failure, it may be difficult or even impossible to rebuild the cylinder. In this instance, the cylinder would need to be replaced.

Benefits of Rebuilding a Hydraulic Cylinder

One of the biggest benefits of rebuilding a hydraulic cylinder is that it is more affordable than replacing the cylinder. The cost of rebuilding a hydraulic cylinder ranges, and is based on the size of the cylinder, as well as the repairs that are needed to fix it. Despite this, rebuilding is still more cost-effective than full replacement.

A rebuilt hydraulic cylinder will be more powerful and efficient. It will consume less oil, which will help you save more money. The specialized oil used in hydraulic cylinders is very expensive, and a properly rebuilt cylinder will not leak as a damaged cylinder may. Finally, the more efficient operation of the rebuilt parts will reduce the wear and tear on other components, increasing their service life.

Knowing When to Rebuild or Replace

It can be difficult to know when your hydraulic cylinder needs to be rebuilt and when it needs to be replaced. This is where a qualified hydraulic cylinder shop comes in. Industry experts can inspect your hydraulic cylinder and tell you whether it needs to be rebuilt or simply replaced.

One of the determining factors when deciding whether a cylinder needs to be replaced or rebuilt is its age. If the cylinder is old and worn out, rebuilding it may not be worth it. The parts that are not rebuilt will fail soon, and this will likely damage the rebuilt parts. In this situation, rebuilding the cylinder is not a cost-effective option. Similarly, if multiple components of the cylinder are badly damaged, rebuilding it may not be possible.

Rebuilding a cylinder is a possibility if the cylinder is not old and if the damage is not too extensive. Thankfully, this is usually the case when a cylinder breaks down. In the end, you should trust your hydraulic cylinder shop when they recommend either a rebuild or a replacement

Finding the Right Hydraulic Cylinder Shop

Now that you know the answer to the question ‘how much does it cost to rebuild a hydraulic cylinder?’ you can focus on finding the right hydraulic cylinder shop. The most important thing to look for is a shop that has experience rebuilding your specific type of hydraulic cylinder. Any reputable shop should be happy to answer any questions you may have about their experience.

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