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Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kits

Since 1972 Yates has been the top hydraulic cylinder seal kits suppliers in the United States. Our kits are manufactured to fit different sizes of rods.

Save time (and frustration) with hydraulic cylinder seal kits. When you use these kits, you can easily repair your hydraulic cylinders on your own.

Because a well working seal is crucial to the efficiency and speed of your machine, you do not want to wait until your machine malfunctions to repair the seal. Some of the types of seal kits we supply include:

  • Standard seal: Unless otherwise specified on your unit, you most likely need to purchase a standard seal kit. Standard seals are usually made of nitrile and are intended to be used in air and mineral-based hydraulic oils.
  • Loaded lip seal: Loaded lip seal configurations are ideal for low-pressure applications in a variety of industries including construction, automation and manufacturing. While loaded lip seal designs are generally extremely durable, they occasionally need to be replaced.
  • Fluorocarbon seals: Combining high-temperature resistance with superior chemical resistance, Fluorocarbon seals are ideal for high-pressure applications. Because these seals are often utilized regularly, they tend to break down over time. Yates Cylinders sells seals in a variety of sizes and price points.
  • Cast iron piston rings: These rings are used in a variety of high-speed and high-temperature applications including automation and construction. Cast iron piston rings are highly durable and are often used for heave shock applications because of their strength. Keep in mind these rings do not create the complete seal that urethane or rubber seals do. However, they can withstand much higher shocks and are wider and deeper than the standard ring configuration.
  • Low-friction seals: Operators of systems powered by fluid frequently need friction-optimized seals for hydraulic cylinders. Having too much friction wastes energy and can cause the seal to fail prematurely. However, having too little friction can cause leaks. Our low-friction seals are specially calibrated to create the right amount of friction for a variety of applications.

hydraulic cylinder seal kits

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What Is a Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit?

hydraulic cylinder seal kit types

Before we get into what a hydraulic cylinder seal kit is, it’s important for you to know what a hydraulic cylinder seal is.
Hydraulic cylinders have seals between many different components. These seals keep out liquid and solid contaminants. These contaminants can damage components of the hydraulic cylinder. Seals also help maintain hydraulic pressure, which ensures that the cylinder can keep operating powerfully. If a seal fails and a leak occurs, the hydraulic pressure will gradually decrease.

The seals in hydraulic cylinders are durable and last for a long time. However, they can become damaged after heavy use. When a cylinder is damaged, hydraulic fluid leaks out and contaminates the cylinder. If this happens to your cylinder, you don’t always have to take it into a repair shop. Instead, you may simply need to install a hydraulic cylinder seal kit.

There are many types of hydraulic cylinder seal kits. No matter the type, the purpose of these kits remains the same: to stop leaks by repairing the seal.

Before installing any kit, you need to look through the types of seal kits and find the one that suits your application.

Seals are commonly used in the hydraulics industry. The main task of a hydraulic seal is to keep hydraulic fluids flowing while preventing solid or liquid contaminants from entering the machine. The seal also helps to maintain the hydraulic pressure of the unit. These tasks require different seal designs and configurations. Occasionally, seals need to be repaired using hydraulic cylinder seal kits.

Types of Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kits

There are several types of seal kits available, including standard seals, loaded lip seals, fluorocarbon seals, cast-iron piston rings, and low-friction seals.

Standard Seal Kits

Most applications usually only require a standard seal kit, which is made out of nitrile, and should be used in air and mineral-based oils.

Loaded Lip Seal Kits

One of the most common specialty seal kits is the loaded lip seal. This kit is best for low-pressure applications.

Fluorocarbon Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kits

A fluorocarbon seal is better for high-pressure applications. Cylinders used in many applications may be able to benefit from low-friction seals. These seals are carefully engineered to create as little friction as possible without allowing leaks to spring up.

Cast-Iron Piston Rings

If you have a high-speed and high-temperature application like those often seen in the construction industry, you may need a heavy-duty cast-iron piston ring. These rings are so durable that they are often used for heave shock applications. However, you should keep in mind that cast-iron piston rings do not create as tight of a seal as nitrile or urethane seals. They compensate for this by being deeper and wider than a standard seal.

Benefits of Using a Seal Kit

Using a seal kit has several benefits over the alternative, which is taking your hydraulic cylinder to a specialty shop and getting it repaired. First, if you use a seal kit, as mentioned previously, you won’t need to take your machine to the shop. Installing a seal is fairly easy with the right equipment. Seal kits are designed to be installed quickly and easily by the people who operate the machine, not by professional mechanics.

The ease of installation is only one of the benefits of using a seal kit. You will also be able to save a great deal of money by using a seal kit. Additionally, you will save time, as your operation will not have to be put on hold while your hydraulic cylinder gets repaired.

Choosing the Right Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit

As we noted earlier, the standard seal kit is perfect for the vast majority of applications. However, if you have a low-pressure application, you should use a loaded lip seal. With high-pressure applications, you should use a fluorocarbon seal. If you have an extremely high-speed and high-temperature application, you should consider a cast-iron piston ring.

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