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Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

We’re available to handle your repair 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Highest Quality Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Services

Your cylinder will perform at or above the original specifications

Profit-robbing breakdowns to your hydraulic cylinders don’t always happen during normal hours of business. This is precisely why Yates Industries expert repair team is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to handle your hydraulic cylinder repair. Yates provides:

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Constant dialogue with plant personnel to reduce hydraulic cylinder failure
  • Repairs on ALL makes and models
  • 24/7 emergency service at all locations
  • Rapid response times, quick delivery and expediting
  • Warranty on all cylinder repairs
  • In-house design team
  • Detailed failure reports
  • Fewer cylinder changes per month/year
  • Increased cylinder life, less overall cylinder spending
  • Upgrades on cylinders to help reduce repair costs
  • Options for replacement hydraulic cylinders and/or rebuilds

When We Say 24/7, We Mean It

Our repair facility is the largest and most complete repair facility in the Midwest. We offer emergency 24-hour service, as well as pick-up & delivery. Yates maintains a huge component and materials inventory so that your cylinder can be repaired even under the most demanding deadlines. We have the experience to repair and recondition any make or model of cylinder - both standard and metric.


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Replacement Hydraulic Cylinders

In addition to cylinder repairs we also offer replacement hydraulic cylinders.

hydraulic cylinder repairYates Cylinders keeps your equipment powering forward with our industry-leading cylinder repair services. Whether you’re working with an inefficient cylinder or recently experienced a catastrophic failure, find the solutions you need at Yates. Learn how we can diagnose, repair and test all sizes and applications of hydraulic systems to keep you at the forefront of your industry.

Signs Your Cylinder Requires Repair Services

There are a number of safety and efficiency concerns related to a damaged hydraulic cylinder. Compare these signs and symptoms of a damaged hydraulic system to see if you need our hydraulic cylinder repair services for your equipment:

  • Compromised cylinder mountings
  • Leaking hydraulic fluid
  • Cracked piston, barrel or other components

Cylinder mounts need to be secure to prevent the pressure of your hydraulic system from separating the cylinder from your equipment. A leaking line or cylinder is typically caused by a broken seal or compromised fitting. Finally, cracks, rust or other structural damage to your cylinder need to be repaired immediately to prevent sudden failure.

Not all cylinder issues offer warning signs. Sudden failure requires emergency repair services. Our team of skilled technicians can rapidly respond to your emergency situation to minimize downtime and prevent further damage to your industrial equipment.

Types of Cylinders We Repair

replacement hydraulic cylindersAs a leading manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders, we understand and repair all makes and models of cylinders for a variety of industries. Here are common cylinders that we service, repair or replace:

  • Tie rod cylinder
  • Welded cylinder
  • Mill duty cylinder
  • Pneumatic cylinder

Don’t let a specialized cylinder type prevent you from enjoying affordable and timely repairs. Our expert team can troubleshoot any issue, offer a failure analysis report and provide expedited repair services.

In the event of a complete breakdown, Yates Industries offers repair services as well as the option of replacement hydraulic cylinders. We also manufacture state-of-the-art cylinders in common and custom designs. Select a new cylinder or cylinder accessory from our manufacturing facility to enjoy a generous warranty and hassle-free operation. If you can’t wait for a rebuild service or need extensive repairs and replacement parts, a new cylinder or replacement hydraulic cylinder may be an affordable option.

Our Engineering Expertise

Our hydraulic cylinder repair replacement and repair services harness the latest CAD technology to provide sophisticated answers to your hydraulic questions or issues. A custom system requires custom solutions, so our engineering team can design the exact replacement part you need. Our in-house fabrication team will create the custom components necessary to keep your facility operational with minimal downtime.

A critical component of our engineering services is our testing process. We use test stands with up to 10,000 PSI capabilities and load cells that can operate with up to 250,000 pounds of force. We also use cycle testing to ensure any new or rebuilt components are ready for the demands of your company.

Machining New Components

As part of our full-service cylinder repair services, we offer a range of custom components and machining capabilities. We have the expertise to create components up to 27 feet long and 65 inches in diameter. We can repair and rebuild even the most expansive hydraulic systems. Here are some of the equipment our machining department uses to meet your needs:

  • CNC machines
  • OD grinders
  • Radial arm drills
  • Boring mills
  • Manual lathes

If you don’t need a custom component for your hydraulic repairs, we’ll search our large inventory of parts and equipment for an off-the-shelf replacement. Installing finished goods in your hydraulic system reduces the cost and time of a cylinder repair service.

Restore Your Equipment With Yates Cylinders

Contact us today to learn more about our expert repair services. No need to continue to battle with a leaking, inefficient cylinder, when you can update your equipment and keep your company operating efficiently with emergency repairs and preventative maintenance from Yates Cylinders.

Guaranteed Competitive


We proudly offer one of the industry’s best warranties – giving you our assurance that your hydraulic cylinder will perform at or above the original specifications.

You can trust that every hydraulic cylinder that’s sent in for repair whether it is tie-rod, mill duty or welded, will go through a comprehensive inspection process to acutely determine the root cause of its initial failure. The certified welders on our cylinder repair team are expertly trained in MIG and TIG welding. Working with Yates designed custom welding fixtures, our expert team of repair specialists assures the highest quality and consistency of welds.

As an integral part of Yates Industries quality control process, all hydraulic cylinder repairs are tested to their rated pressures prior to exiting our facility. Our test stands are rated for 10,000 PSI and with fixtures designed specifically for special applications such as water service, steel mills and marine, we guarantee that your component is ready for use when you receive it. Our team then works closely with you to implement processes to help prevent inconvenient and costly breakdowns from reoccurring. We also have replacement hydraulic cylinders available.


In the event that rebuilding or repairing your hydraulic cylinder is not economically feasible for you, we will quote a new replacement hydraulic cylinder with the most competitive pricing you will find in the industry. Yates also manufactures a complete line of NFPA/JIC cylinders, so if you need a custom or specialty cylinder, a NFPA hydraulic cylinder or NFPA pneumatic cylinder, look no further than Yates Industries. Just as we repair hydraulic cylinders to your specs, we can manufacture any cylinder to meet those same specs.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with multiple boring mills, CNC machines, radial arm drills, 11 manual lathes, and more, we can have your unit repaired faster and with higher quality than anyone else in the industry. At Yates, we pride ourselves on our ability to return a hydraulic cylinder to its original specifications or better “The First Time, Every Time.”

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