Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild

Restore the power and efficiency of your industrial hydraulic cylinders today with Yates Industries leading hydraulic cylinder rebuild services.

At Yates Cylinders, we not only manufacture high-quality cylinders made in the United States, but we also offer full-service rebuilds.

Our rebuild services are performed in our clean, fully stocked facility to prevent contamination and our team treats each rebuild with the time and attention required.

Yates’ Rebuild Process

  • First, we receive your cylinder and completely disassemble it.
  • Once the cylinder is disassembled, we document and clean every component. This ensures we trace the source of any inefficient operation or failure. A thorough inspection can spot compromised O-rings, damaged tie rods, cracked housings or other issues.
  • Next, we reassemble your cylinder and run it through rigorous testing to ensure OEM or better results. If you need emergency repair services, our team operates 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

hydraulic cylinder rebuild

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Cylinders We Rebuild

rebuilt hydraulic cylinderManufacturing processes demand equipment that has been engineered to withstand heavy applications. A damaged cylinder costs time and money because it can hold back your entire production facility or completely halt your heavy equipment.

Whether you’re operating a single truck or a full line of industrial equipment, we follow the same proven process for any cylinder rebuild. Find out how we can take your worn-out cylinder and restore its full power and efficiency.

In addition to rebuilds we also offer replacement hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic cylinder repair.

Types of Cylinders

There are three basic types of hydraulic systems that we manufacture, repair and rebuild. Ask our team of experts about any specialty or custom cylinder services you may need, or contact us regarding one of these common types:

  • Tie rod cylinders: A tie rod cylinder is a dependable option for industrial applications. These rugged cylinders are easy to maintain, so you can enjoy reduced maintenance costs. A durable end cap and steel tie rods prevent leakage while operating under extreme pressures.
  • Welded cylinders: Welded cylinders use a more internal design for compact efficiency. Many large vehicles and heavy machinery use these. While the compact design saves space, it can take an expert to perform a rebuild process. Be sure to work with our team to repair or rebuild your welded cylinder to avoid damage to the compact, complex components.
  • Mill duty cylinders: Mill duty cylinders are extreme options that offer reliable pressure and a wide bore size range. These high-load pistons take on a number of intense projects on the shop floor, so it’s important to work with a reliable rebuild service team to keep your essential equipment running.

Signs Your Cylinder Needs Attention

Inspect your system periodically to look for any common signs that your cylinder needs service. Check for leaks throughout your lines or around the piston. Inspect the line pressure to see if your system is operating at the correct pressure. A sudden drop in pressure may be a sign of a pump issue or a leaking line.

A worn-out cylinder may not fail altogether, but it may have reduced performance levels. Inspect your cylinder and hydraulic system for signs of reduced power. Even if your system is still operational, a rebuild system can improve the efficiency of your production line and prevent a catastrophic failure.

24/7 Cylinder Services

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we follow a professional process that ensures rapid turnaround times without sacrificing the quality of your service. In addition to rapid turnaround times, quick delivery, competitive pricing we are open 24/7.

Work With Yates Cylinders

Take your production facility or your heavy equipment to the next level with our industry-leading cylinder rebuild services. As one of the largest hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in the country, we’re confident we have the parts and expertise you need. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or ask about an emergency repair service call.

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