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Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

Yates Industries has stood out as leading double acting hydraulic cylinder manufacturers and suppliers in the United States since 1972.

Yates manufactures, repairs, restores and rebuilds hydraulic cylinders. Let us help you upgrade your inefficient hydraulic equipment or restore your manufacturing lines to get your facility back to peak performance.

Yates Cylinders offers a wide range of options available for hydraulic cylinders. Depending on your specific needs, the skilled team at Yates Cylinders can help you compare double acting hydraulic cylinders and single acting alternatives to see which meets your exact specifications.

Single Acting vs. Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

A hydraulic system uses oil or another fluid to power an actuating cylinder piston. This component is moved to achieve a specific task. A single acting hydraulic cylinder only has a single line to push the piston in one direction. When you need to pull the piston back, the fluid is released. Either the weight of the piston or a spring pulls the piston back.

This system uses fewer parts, so it has less chance of failure. A simple machine is often the best for reliable performance. Choose a single acting cylinder if your press machine or other equipment only needs high-powered movement in one direction.

A double acting cylinder uses two lines and gives you the full power of your hydraulic system in both directions. If you need to press and lift with the same arm or another device, a double acting cylinder is ideal. This versatile option gives you power in two directions for a multi-use piece of equipment.

Of course, additional parts result in additional complexity. You may need to choose your system more carefully and work more closely with the reliable repair technicians at Yates to ensure long-lasting performance out of your double acting hydraulic cylinder. A minor leak or inefficient piston can compromise the precision of your products and services.

double acting hydraulic cylinder

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Common Types of Cylinders

hydraulic cylinder suppliersAt Yates Cylinders, we manufacture and repair a wide range of single and double acting hydraulic cylinder systems. Here are common cylinders types we manufacture and repair for your needs:

Tie rod cylinders offer a robust design with long stroke, high pressure and versatile mount designs. Choose a tie rod to replace your current model or to create a light-to-heavy-duty hydraulic system.

Mill duty cylinders use bore sizes up to 24 inches to create up to 3,000 psi. Tackle extreme mill applications with a mill duty cylinder that matches the size and specifications of your equipment. When you need a hydraulic system that can operate day and night, turn to mill duty.

Welded cylinders are a compact option that’s ideally suited for heavy equipment and other compact applications. You can still enjoy up to 3,000 psi and a bore size between four and 24 inches, but welded cylinders can come in a smaller package. Repair services may take longer or require more specialized tools and techniques, so work with an expert repair or rebuild team at Yates Cylinders to maintain your welded cylinder hydraulic system.

Reliable Replacement Cylinders

Whether you’re looking to repair your packing equipment or need extreme milling power, look for a double acting hydraulic cylinder from Yates Cylinders. Our custom replacement cylinders can match the specifications of your existing equipment for competitive performance and unmatched reliability. Don’t search for obsolete parts or wait for backorder replacement cylinders, with the help of Yates Cylinders you’ll get quick and efficient service and dynamic options from our precision hydraulic cylinder manufacturing facility.

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Contact us today to learn more about Yates Cylinders’ single or double acting hydraulic cylinder options. Work with our team of professionals to find the best replacement cylinder or cylinder repair service for your equipment. Whether you’re using skid steers, milling machines or die presses, our hydraulic cylinders can power your production line and help you get back to business.

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