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Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

Since 1972, Yates Industries has been the leading single acting hydraulic cylinder manufacturer and supplier in the United States.

Established in 1972, Yates Cylinders are respected and trusted hydraulic cylinder manufacturers

We are committed to providing the high-quality cylinders you need to help you grow your business. If you are searching for a single acting hydraulic cylinder for an industrial, construction, or milling application, we can help.

Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder vs. Double Acting

The most discernible difference between double action and single action cylinders is the number of ports. Single-action configurations have one port and generate power by allowing hydraulic fluid to flow into the cylinder in a consistent direction.

The cylinder then retracts due to the weight of the load. A double acting hydraulic cylinder, on the other hand, has two ports and allows fluid to enter through one port and exit through the other. This process causes the cylinder to both extend and retract. Both designs can be used in many different applications, but there are advantages and benefits to each type of cylinder.

single acting hydraulic cylinder

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Cylinder Applications

Used in construction, manufacturing and civil engineering applications, a hydraulic cylinder is a mechanical actuator. Cylinders provide a unidirectional force through a unidirectional stroke and are used to power heavy pieces of equipment. They are primarily used to power mobile pieces of machinery including dump trucks, excavators, backhoes and loaders. The mobile machinery field relies heavily on hydraulic cylinders to pull and lift loads.

Hydraulic cylinders are also used in the industrial machinery field. Because of their power mechanisms, they are used in presses, injection molding and compactors. Essentially, these cylinders create motion in a particular direction and can be used in any linear motion application. If you’re interested in using hydraulics to power your system, there are many different types of cylinders to choose from.

Advantages of Single Acting Cylinders

A major advantage of a single-acting cylinder is the simplistic design. Because the configuration is simple and the action of the cylinder is determined entirely by one line, maintenance is a simple task.

The piston rod on a single-acting cylinder is often retracted by a spring mechanism, but occasionally the rod is pushed back by the force itself. Single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be used on any type of machinery, but they are commonly used on mobile pieces of machinery including dump trucks and excavators.

Advantages of Double Acting Cylinders

Double hydraulic cylinders are easier to control because they contain more fluid than a single cylinder. Pressurized fluid consistently moves from one side of the piston to the other, allowing retract and extend forces to move the piston rod. This back and forth motion allows the operator to more easily achieve the desired movement.

Other Types of Hydraulic Cylinders

With offices in Michigan and Alabama, Yates Cylinders is a respected leader in the hydraulics industry. We manufacture, repair and rebuild hydraulic cylinders. We specialize in working with the cylinders detailed below:

  • Tie rod cylinders: Popular in the United States, tie-rod cylinders are used in many industries including plastics, stamping and foundry. Common configurations range from clamping and forging to pressing and bending. All of the tie rod cylinders we utilize are manufactured in our St. Clair Shores, Michigan facility.
  • Welded cylinders: Used in a vast range of industrial applications including packing and milling, welded hydraulic cylinders have no tie rods. Rather, the ports are welded to the barrel and the barrel is attached to the end caps.
  • Mill duty cylinders: We manufacture mill-duty hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Featuring a high load piston design, these types of cylinders are designed to function under extreme pressure. All mill duty cylinders are manufactured in our Decatur, Alabama facility.

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