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NFPA Pneumatic Cylinders

Yates Industries has stood out as leading US manufacturers and suppliers of NFPA pneumatic cylinders since 1972.

Our NFPA pneumatic cylinders are offered in a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

What are NFPA Cylinders?

NFPA cylinders are hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders which meet NFPA standards covering common features like bore and rod diameter, mounting dimensions and styles, port location and sizes, and piston seal types. At Yates, we incorporate these standards into our NFPA cylinders. This standardization allows interchangeability of cylinders, regardless of manufacturer.

Application-specific characteristics include:

  • Anticipated ambient and system temperatures
  • Application-specific considerations
  • Available system pressure
  • Desired unique or standard construction materials or seals
  • External physical considerations like side mounting
  • Force and travel requirements to determine the optimal bore and rod combination
  • Linear travel distance
  • Mandatory cylinder performance such as electronic feedback or cushions
  • Mounting options
  • Operating environments containing caustic or corrosive elements
  • Optimal port sizing for appropriate flow
  • Preferred system cycle time
  • Recommended plumbing or piping
  • Required utilization for system fluid or air
  • Specified force

We are proud to offer a variety of NFPA air cylinders to fit any application. We also have the full capability to manufacture custom cylinders to match your specific and unique needs.

nfpa pneumatic cylinders

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What Are NFPA Standards?

nfpa air cylindersThe National Fluid Power Association publishes over 300 consensus codes and standards to minimize fire and other risks. Two hundred fifty technical committees, comprised of over 8,000 volunteers, administer these codes and standards. Topics covered are:

  • Building & Life Safety
  • Electrical
  • Emergency Response
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Industrial Hazards

NFPA codes are developed with public consensus, meaning that anyone can contribute to the NFPA code development process. Each code and standard is updated every three to five years, in cycles that occur every six months. Proposed drafts are posted for public input, then that input is reviewed by the technical committee. The committee will ultimately vote on which revisions will be enacted before issuing the official revised code or standard.

NFPA Air Cylinders

Some of the common types of NFPA air cylinders include:

  • A4 Heavy Duty Pneumatic – These durable, extreme duty cylinders are the ideal choice where hydraulics are not preferred.
  • L4 Permanently Lubricated Pneumatic – Our permanently lubricated cylinders are well-suited to high-cycle, long stroke applications where inline oilers are not available.
  • A2 Light Duty Pneumatic – The A2 light duty pneumatic cylinder is ideally suited for all types of automation.

NFPA Mill Duty Cylinders

Our NFPA air cylinders are offered in a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. We also provide a mill duty hydraulic version. Features include:

  • High-load piston design
  • Heavy wall tubing
  • Induction-hardened, chrome-plated rods
  • NFPA standard mounting styles

Yates solid mill duty NFPA air cylinder is engineered for superior performance in even the most extreme conditions. Our pneumatic cylinders are rated for up to 250 psi. Hydraulic cylinders can be pressure rated up to 5,000 psi, although the exact pressure rating depends upon the specific bore and rod combination. Our highly experienced team will be glad to assist you in determining the best cylinder for your application.

NFPA Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinders

We also offer superior NFPA tie rod hydraulic cylinders where pneumatic cylinders are not suitable. Our hydraulic cylinders include:

  • H6 Heavy Duty Hydraulic – Our resilient hydraulic cylinders are ideal for bending, forging, stamping, clamping, shearing, and tilt processes.
  • H4 Medium Duty Hydraulic – These robust medium duty cylinders work well where heavy-duty cylinders aren’t required.
  • H2 Light Duty Hydraulic – H2 hydraulic cylinders are the perfect solution in light-duty applications.

Cylinder Manufacturers in the USA

Yates Cylinders is known for manufacturing and rebuilding the highest-quality cylinders. We are not only committed to extraordinary products, but our customers can also attest to our exceptional service. All of our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2015 compliant and are registered government contractors.
For almost 50 years, we have been committed to providing the highest quality products and services. Our team is standing by to discuss your needs for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and cylinder accessories.

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