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Pneumatic Cylinder Parts

Even with regular maintenance, pneumatic cylinder parts occasionally fail, which is why we offer a wide variety of parts in addition to cylinder repairs and rebuilds with 24/7 emergency service at all our locations.

Parts, Repairs, and Service

As a manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, we recommend regular inspections and maintenance for maximum reliability.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to extending the life of pneumatic cylinder parts and other components in your system.
As a manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, we recommend regular inspections and maintenance for maximum reliability. After turning off the power supply and releasing any leftover air, typical maintenance tasks include:

  • Checking for air leaks and replacing damaged seals
  • Inspecting and replacing air filters
  • Lubricating components and checking/adjusting movements
  • Checking the operation of water traps and draining air line filters
  • Checking the cylinder, tube, and rod seal for signs of damage or rust

However, even with regular maintenance, parts occasionally fail, which is why we offer cylinder repairs and rebuilds with 24/7 emergency service at all our locations. Our in-house design team and quick response times can get your cylinder up and running again quickly to minimize financial loss.

Pneumatic Cylinder Accessories

Brackets, couplers, and pins can wear out too. While not as critical to the system as the cylinder itself, a worn pin or clevis bracket can cause excessive wear and tear on your system if not replaced.

If you’re removing a cylinder for servicing anyway, we recommended checking the accessories at the same time and replacing any that are worn. Aside from the pneumatic cylinder parts in our inventory, we also carry clevis brackets, pivot pins, rod eyes, couplers, and other accessories to keep your system running smoothly and accurately.

pneumatic cylinder parts

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How To Prolong the Life of a Pneumatic Cylinder

hydraulic cylinder suppliersUnlike a hydraulic cylinder that uses a fluid to perform work, a pneumatic cylinder relies on compressed air to manipulate objects. Pneumatic cylinder parts such as rods, seals, and cushions work together to apply the pushing, pulling, clamping, and rotating forces involved in industrial processes.

While there are plenty of individuals searching for pneumatic cylinders for sale, many of us simply want to understand how to maintain the ones we currently use. While pneumatic systems don’t traditionally require intensive maintenance to keep them running smoothly, there are a few simple things you can do to maximize the longevity of your system.

Minimize Side Loading

For a cylinder to do work, some sort of tooling is usually connected to one end of the rod. One example is a flat plate that pushes a box off a conveyor belt as it moves past the cylinder.

Typically, cylinders are designed for the force to move along the same axis as the piston rod. Side loading occurs when the tooling (or the way the cylinder is mounted) causes a force to be applied at an angle that pushes the rod slightly up, down, or to the side as it’s moving. A common cause of cylinder failures, side loading causes pneumatic cylinder parts like seals and rod bearings to wear out prematurely.

Selecting the right cylinder mount can help. The potential for side loading can be reduced by using a mount where the line of force moves along the centerline of the cylinder, such as a flange mount or tie rod mount.

Using a piston rod that resists sagging, buckling, and bending is another crucial factor in minimizing side loading. That’s why our rods are case hardened to 50-55 RC and plated with hard chrome for maximum strength and durability.

Stop tubes are another way to mitigate side loading because they support the rod and prevent the piston from bottoming out. They’re a preferred alternative to oversized rods because they don’t increase the load on the bearing or cause misalignments the way an oversized rod can.

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By following these guidelines, you can increase the life expectancy of your cylinders and keep your pneumatic cylinder parts in good working order. However, when breakdowns inevitably occur, we have the repair team, parts, and 24/7 guarantee to get your system operating reliably and efficiently again well into the future.

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