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Pneumatic Cylinders for Sale

As leading cylinder suppliers and manufacturers in the USA, Yates Industries has a wide assortment of pneumatic cylinders for sale.

If your daily operations depend on pneumatic cylinders, you know it’s essential that they function safely and efficiently. Interruptions for maintenance or repairs are costly to your business on many levels.

At our facilities in Michigan, Alabama, Ohio and Georgia we specialize in the manufacturing of cylinders. Some of the types of pneumatic cylinders for sale we manufacture include:

In addition to supplying air cylinders we also offer expert pneumatic cylinder repair service, cylinder replacements and cylinder rebuild services. Contact us for more details.

pneumatic cylinders for sale

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Air Cylinders For Sale

air cylinders for salePneumatic cylinder basics: Pneumatic cylinders use the power generated from compressed gas to produce linear motion. Generally, the movement of a piston rod transfers the resulting force to the target object. Yates has numerous styles of pneumatic cylinders for sale to meet your unique requirements.

For applications such as clamping or drilling that require output force in just one direction, a single acting pneumatic cylinder is the answer. Double-acting styles create force in both the extending and retracting strokes for applications such as forklift operation or door opening and closing.

Styles vary in both single and double-acting versions, depending on the materials used and the end-cap configuration. Yates is proud to manufacture, rebuild and service a wide array of light and heavy-duty cylinder styles.

Single-Acting vs. Double-Acting Pneumatic Cylinders

Achieve optimal linear motion in your industrial system with one of the common types of pneumatic cylinders. These cylinders can be single- or double-acting, depending on your application. Explore the major differences between the two types as you search for a replacement or design a new pneumatic system.

Number of Ports

A key difference between the two-cylinder types of the number of ports. A single-acting cylinder is named so because it only has one port. A double-acting cylinder has two ports to allow air to flow into either port and out the other. This increases cylinder complexity but allows for powered movement in two opposing directions.

Versatile Performance

Many cylinder applications require a double-acting unit. Pushing or lifting a component, in turn, requires the same amount of power to carefully lower or pull it. Double-acting cylinders offer the same power in both directions, making it a versatile option popular in many industries.

Spring Usage

Instead of pneumatic power in opposing directions, a single-acting cylinder powers the piston in one direction. It then uses a spring to reset the piston before being powered again. This design creates a more affordable unit but also has its limitations. The spring-powered direction of travel can’t handle a heavy load and the spring is liable to wear out and warp over time.

Venting Single-Acting Cylinders

To allow the spring to operate, a single-acting cylinder must have an air vent. Double-acting pneumatic options are fully sealed to protect against contamination. Venting allows for increased risk of contamination, making vented cylinders more likely to wear out and need to be rebuilt.

Cylinder Sizing

One major benefit of a single-acting cylinder is the compact design. Small and affordable, this style of pneumatic system works well if you don’t have enough space for a larger, more costly cylinder.

Pneumatic Cylinder Components

As you explore air cylinders for sale, it’s important to understand the components and how they affect the performance of the system. Here are some key components in a single- or double-acting cylinder:

  • Piston rod: The rod that is moved in and out by pneumatic pressure and/or spring. This actuation powers your pneumatic application.
  • Barrel: The durable casing that covers the piston rod to prevent damage and contamination.
  • Piston: The actuator that is connected to the piston rod.
  • Rod-end port: The enclosure that allows the piston rod to move in and out while retaining an air seal.
  • Tie rod: Threaded bolts that hold a tie-rod cylinder together.
  • Cap-end port: The cap that seals the opposite end of a pneumatic cylinder. In some cases, this cap is welded directly to the barrel.

How Pneumatic Cylinders Work

Despite the differences between double- and single-acting cylinders, the basic process of operation remains the same. All pneumatic cylinders are powered by air, rather than by oil or other liquids. A series of lines connect a cylinder to a compressor and allows compressed air to power the actuator.

In a single-acting system, one line sends air to the cylinder to allow it to actuate. Once released, the airflow simply stops and an included spring resets the piston. These systems can still handle heavy weights, but can only provide reliable power in one direction.

Double-acting cylinders are connected with two compressed air lines. This system allows air to be forced into the barrel in either direction, causing the piston to move in or out as needed. Typically, both stroke directions offer the same amount of force and the movement can be carefully controlled. Choose a double-acting cylinder for greater control, but prepare to invest more in the unit and installation.

Tie-Rod Pneumatic Cylinders

Matching your particular application with the right type of cylinder is part of our service. Yates has pneumatic cylinders for sale in a wide range of bore sizes and mount styles. If your operations include forging, plastics or steel milling, you may be familiar with these tie-rod cylinder options:

  • Light-duty pneumatics work well for light applications, such as small pressure-relief valves, switches or plugs. With 20 mounting styles, and bore sizes up to eight inches, we look forward to helping you find the best cylinder for your light-duty processes.
  • Heavy-duty pneumatic styles serve a wide range of industrial sectors, including plastic, steel and paper manufacturing. We carry pneumatic cylinders in 23 mounting styles and bore sizes up to 24 inches.
  • Lubricated pneumatic cylinders work well for high-cycle, long-stroke applications. They share many specifications with regular heavy-duty styles but are permanently lubricated. This affords these cylinders cooler, quieter operation and longer life, which translates to reduced maintenance for you. Yates has lubricated pneumatic cylinders for sale in side-mount, end-mount and pivot-mount configurations.

In addition to tie-rod designs, Yates offers a full line of mill-duty cylinders designed for use in extreme conditions.

Mill-Duty Pneumatic Cylinders

Yates’ MP Series of mill-duty cylinders is designed to endure the harshest conditions, such as marine and milling environments. These non-tie-rod options are preferable for conditions where heavier wall tubing is desired or where rod overhang jeopardizes safe operation.

Yates’ numerous pivot-mount options are designed to absorb centerline force for mill-duty uses requiring arc-shaped paths. Pivoting action is achieved using one of two mount styles: clevis or trunnion mounts.  If you are seeking mill-duty pneumatic cylinders for sale, our team at Yates will gladly work with you to find the mount style and cap-end configuration that best matches your requirements.

Air Cylinders Manufacturers

At Yates, we always strive to deliver the product you expect and the full-time customer support you deserve. Yates’ experts are available every hour of every day to answer your questions, troubleshoot or track down the part you need. You can also consult our in-house design team anytime with design or engineering concerns. Our vast inventory and cutting-edge manufacturing facilities mean lower costs and shorter delivery times for you.

We uphold our high quality-control standards so we can offer you one of the best warranty packages in the industry.

At Yates, we are confident we have the pneumatic cylinders for sale that your application requires. We believe your success is our success, and we’re proud to go the extra mile to ensure you receive the many benefits of using our cylinders. Whether you need a new or rebuilt product, we are eager to be your company’s full-service source for pneumatic cylinders and parts.

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