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Air Cylinders for Sale

Yates cylinders is the premier manufacturer of air cylinders in the USA. Our extensive inventory of air cylinders for sale a wide variety of types and can be customized based on your specific needs.

Our air cylinders for sale are proudly made in our Michigan, Georgia and Alabama facilities. We’re committed to delivering world-class value with local, ISO-certified quality.

As your leading air cylinder manufacturer in the country, we’re confident we have the pneumatic solution you need. If you don’t see a product in our online catalog that fits your specifications, discuss your product needs with our customer service team or use our product configurator tool.

In addition to selling pneumatic cylinders we also repair, replace and rebuild them. Some of the types of air cylinders Yate’s has for sale include:

air cylinders for sale

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Air Cylinder Manufacturers

air cylinder manufacturersMany industrial applications require direct motion to propel machinery during an operation sequence. One of the easiest ways to achieve this linear motion is with a pneumatic cylinder, also referred to as an air cylinder or air actuator. A cylinder is a mechanical device that transforms hydraulic static power into production motion. The motion produced can take various forms, including ejecting, block, propelling, clamping and retracting. Here’s everything you need to know about pneumatic cylinders:

What Is an Air Cylinder?

An air cylinder is an automated device that creates force, frequently in tandem with linear motion. They use compacted air acting on a piston rod inside of the actuator to propel a load. Unlike hydraulic cylinders, the material inside a pneumatic cylinder is pure air. Therefore, leakages and contaminations do not occur.

There are two main styles of pneumatic cylinders: single acting and double acting actuators. Single-acting cylinders have one air port and move the piston by allowing the compressed air to move along the cylinder in a consistent direction. On the other hand, double-acting cylinders have two or more air ports and push the piston back and forth by interchanging the port that takes the air.

What Are the Parts of a Pneumatic Cylinder?

Generally, standard pneumatic cylinders are comprised of five distinct parts or units:

  • Cylinder barrel
  • Bearing cap
  • Piston
  • Piston rod
  • End cap

Also, various other small parts of an air cylinder include seals, bearings, guiding bands and permanent magnets.

What Are the Advantages of Pneumatic Actuators?

There are several benefits to using pneumatic technology rather than hydraulic machinery. These advantages include:

Safety: Pneumatic actuators are generally safer, as these devices use air rather than toxic fluid to generate force. Air cylinders do not utilize electricity in anything but the compression device, so technicians are not at risk of electrical shock.

Easy to clean: Air cylinders are much easier to clean than hydraulic cylinders. The compressed air consistently propels dirt and debris from the device, so blockages are uncommon. If the system does require cleaning, these devices are simply constructed and can be easily disassembled and washed.

Low maintenance:  It is not uncommon for hydraulic cylinders to become clogged with fluid. Air cylinders only use air and will only become clogged if excess moisturize gets inside. Aside from lubricating the cylinder a few times a year, little other maintenance is required to keep the device in excellent working condition.

Cost: Air cylinders are generally more price effective than other types of actuators. Pneumatic devices are comprised of inexpensive materials, including plastic and aluminum. Air cylinders are a good option for new companies who do not have a lot of money to invest in equipment.

What Are the Common Applications for Pneumatic Actuators?

Air actuators are used in many industries and applications. One of the most common uses is chambers in fuel-powered vehicles. The cylinder uses air and fuel to generate the pressurized force that moves the piston and alters energy in the car’s engine. In addition to automobile engine applications, pneumatic cylinders are used in air compressors, production machinery, transportation equipment and construction applications.  Air cylinders are particularly popular in the aircraft and railroad industries. Further, these cylinders are essential in situations that require a switch, pump or sensor control.

Not only do we sell many high-quality hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, we also specialize in repairing outdated cylinders and can build custom actuators according to client requirements. We also sell a wide range of cylinder accessories to keep your devices in proper working order.

Types of Air Cylinders

All air cylinders for sale use the same basic technology. Converting compressed air into kinetic force, similar to a hydraulic system, allows you to operate various manufacturing and industrial processes. Explore the differences between the types of cylinders available and discuss your ideal cylinder replacement option with our team at Yates.

Some cylinder types can be combined for unique applications. For example, single-acting cylinders can be telescoping and tie rod cylinders can be double acting. Every air cylinder from Yates Cylinders is designed to fit specific equipment with OEM or better performance.

Single-Acting and Double-Acting

The first choice in pneumatic actuators is between single-acting and double-acting cylinders. Single-acting options are more basic. The piston can only be powered in a single direction with compressed air. Once the piston is fully activated, releasing the air pressure activates a spring. The internal spring presses the piston back into a position that allows the compressed air to activate it once more.

Single-acting actuators require proper spring sizing to continue to operate with minimal downtime. With extreme daily use, the spring may wear out. You may also need to replace the spring if you wish to change the stroke size or alter the stroke strength.

Leading double acting pneumatic cylinders for sale offer more flexibility in extending and retracting the stroke, but also come with some operational limitations. A double-acting cylinder uses forced air to retract and extend the piston. This means that you can control the amount of pressure in both directions and aren’t limited by the size or strength of a spring.

A double-acting cylinder requires more air pressure to operate. It also doesn’t allow for mid-stroke holding, which is possible with a single-acting cylinder thanks to the included spring.


Both single- and double-acting actuators are capable of using telescoping pistons to power various machinery and industrial processes. When compressed air enters the cylinder, it is directed through various tubes and channels to extend multiple lengths of collapsed piston. This option is popularly used in construction equipment and other applications that require a compact design.

Tie Rod

Choose tie rod air cylinders for sale to enjoy affordable options that are readily available. Compared to welded actuators, tie rods are convenient to maintain and easy to customize. They may not have the same maximum pressure capabilities or space-saving designs, but they can be more affordable and easier to maintain.

These actuators also boast the most versatile mount types. A tie rod may be the best alternative for unique applications, where mounting options are limited by other factors. Choose a pneumatic tie rod for plastics, steel mill and stamping industries. Various bores and rod lengths help press, bend, shear or clamp your materials.


A more permanent option, welded cylinders use durable end caps that are welded directly to the barrel. The head of the cylinder is typically sealed with a static seal. These design features allow welded cylinders to power pistons at higher pressures. They are also typically more compact in design than other options.

Because of the sealed nature of welded cylinders, repairing them can be more difficult. Our technicians may recommend sending a compromised welded actuator to one of our dedicated repair facilities for full-service repairs and testing.

Mill Duty

When you need a cylinder to keep up with extreme situations, you need Yates mill duty air cylinders for sale. Hydraulic mill duty alternatives typically have higher pressure ratings, but pneumatic alternatives still offer dependable pressure and a protective seal. Use theses in demanding industrial situations and enjoy a long-lasting product.

These cylinders are commonly used in the steel industry. Foundries and steel mills can take advantage of the versatile bore sizes, consistent pressure and light or heavy force application capabilities of a pneumatic mill duty cylinder. Just like other actuator options, mill duty cylinders are designed to protect the piston from corrosion and wear while allowing smooth, low-friction movement.

Common Applications

At Yates, we offer air cylinders for sale that meet general and custom industrial needs. Explore these common applications and work with our customer service team to identify the best cylinder type for your project. Whether you need to power a press or restore the suspension system for a construction vehicle, pneumatic actuators have many advantages to consider.

  • Manufacturing: Drills, presses and other industrial equipment use pneumatic systems to power their process. These systems are typically connected to smaller equipment or secondary processes, but air cylinders still represent critical components in your manufacturing process. A pneumatic system can be more compact than hydraulics and offers less cost, risk of damage due to leakage and maintenance tasks.
  • Material Handling: Pneumatic actuators play key roles in material handling processes. Your conveyor belts, doors, valves and equipment used to lift items off conveyor belts may all be powered by an air cylinder. Any inefficiencies in these areas may be signs that you need a new air cylinder or a maintenance service.
  • Transportation: Trucks, cars, construction vehicles and other transportation methods use air actuators to power suspension and brake systems. Air brakes are common in the transportation industry as a safe and reliable alternative to hydraulic brakes. Look for pneumatic cylinders for sale to support your transportation fleet and continue to make on-time deliveries.

Yates Cylinders Advantages

Looking for pneumatic cylinders near me? At Yates, you can count on our quality customer service, proudly American-made equipment and exceptional repair team to keep your equipment going. Explore the unique advantages of working with our team for affordable, reliable and customizable cylinders.

  • American-Made: For over 5 decades we have offered air cylinders for sale which are proudly made in the USA. We’re committed to delivering world-class value with local, ISO-certified quality. We test our cylinder designs above and beyond normal operating conditions and have a wide range of on-demand inventory ready for your next repair or installation project.
  • Emergency Repair Support: All cylinders are susceptible to repair issues. Whether through normal use or due to an operational error, your pneumatic system may be compromised. Work with our professional team of repair technicians to receive prompt repairs. Reduce your downtime and keep your equipment moving with 24/7 emergency services and repairs on all makes and models of actuators.

Discuss your repair deadlines with our team to find a solution that fits your schedule. Our team is capable of delivering rapid results to accommodate tight shutdown schedules or to restore equipment with minimal downtime.

Pneumatic Cylinders for Sale

Looking for unique air cylinders for sale? As your leading cylinder manufacturer in the country, we’re confident we have the pneumatic solution you need. If you don’t see a product in our online catalog that fits your specifications, discuss your product needs with our customer service team or use our product configurator tool.

Our engineering and fabrication teams work together to create custom solutions to everyday pneumatic challenges. Create a custom component or complete actuator that powers your machinery, stops your vehicles and accelerates productivity in your industrial company.

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