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Small Hydraulic Cylinders

Yates cylinders has over 40 years experience manufacturing and repairing small hydraulic cylinders. If you need a small custom cylinder or small bore hydraulic cylinder contact us today!

Yates Cylinders specializes in manufacturing hydraulic cylinders. Our small hydraulic cylinders and small bore actuators are proudly made in our Michigan, Georgia and Alabama facilities. Yates is committed to delivering world-class value with ISO-certified quality.

Types of Hydraulic Cylinders

We have many different types of small hydraulic cylinders for sale. Some common types include:

Tie rod cylinders are the most common type of actuator in the U.S. They are bound together by threaded tie bolts, usually four or more. These tie bolts hold the end cap and the base plate together and are installed on every side of the cylinder tube. Tie-rod cylinders are commonly used in the agricultural, mobile and technological industries. They are economical to manufacture because there is no need to weld any part of the unit.

Single acting hydraulic cylinders are simply built and easy to maintain. They can only perform an extending action caused by pressure from the pump and the piston rod retracts due to the load’s weight. Some cylinders are also equipped with a spring that allows them to retract without a load.

It is easy to identify a single-acting cylinder because it only has one port. These cylinders only have one line and their actions are determined exclusively by the movements of the line. Single-acting cylinders may not be the best option for a complex application, but their simplicity is suitable for devices that demand reliability.

Double acting hydraulic cylinders: As opposed to single-acting actuators, double-acting cylinders have two ports. The first port is where the cylinder extends and the second port is where it retracts. Each port is attached to a hydraulic hose fitting. The actuator produces its energy by alternating pressurized fluid to both sides of the piston. The piston rod extends and retracts because of the energy produced inside the cylinder. Double-acting cylinders are easy to control, allowing the device’s operator to achieve the desired movement by using the control system.

Welded cylinders: Another common type of actuator is a welded hydraulic cylinder. These cylinders have no tie rods. Instead, the cylinder is attached to the end caps and the side ports are welded to the cylinder barrel. The piston rod and the rod seals can be easily removed from the cylinder’s barrel because the front rod gland is typically bolted to the barrel.

Ram-type cylinders: A ram-type cylinder is an actuator in which a cross-sectional piston rod area overlaps with the piston head. In many types of these cylinders, the rod and piston heads have equal sides. Most people buy this type of cylinder because it mainly serves as a push mechanism, not a pull mechanism. Simple ram-type cylinders contain a barrel and a steel rod that is contained in a tube. Pressurized hydraulics fluids are pumped through the barrel, where pressure is exerted from the bottom of the cylinder.

Tandem hydraulic cylinders: By employing the power of the pressurized fluid, tandem hydraulic cylinders create the initial thrust to spark a machine or device into action. A tandem hydraulic cylinder is a variation of two hydraulic cylinders situated end to end to form a longer barrel. These cylinders are often used in the manufacturing and construction industries.

This is not a comprehensive list of all of the cylinder types that Yates Cylinders manufacturers. Based on your requirements, we can customize cylinders.

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What Is a Hydraulic Cylinder?

small bore hydraulic cylindersHydraulic cylinders, sometimes referred to as hydraulic motors, are mechanical, linear actuators powered by hydrostatic energy. They are used in various industrial applications to give unidirectional force to a machine or device. These cylinders are engineered to create power by either pushing or pulling.

Hydraulic cylinders are powered by hydraulic fluid, typically oil and pressurized in the cylinder’s pump. Cylinders are comprised of several complex parts, including a cylinder barrel, pistons and a piston rod. A cylinder cap fastens one end of the barrel and the other end is closed by the cylinder head. The piston rods come out of the cylinder head, which is attached to the piston. The piston separates the cylinder’s interior into two distinct chambers, the cap end and the rod end. Please note that the term small hydraulic cylinder can refer to the size of the cylinder itself or the bore’s size, which is a small device inside the cylinder.

Often, a hydraulic cylinder has a chrome-plated piston rod. The piston rod is typically attached to the piston and spreads from the cylinder barrel to the rod-end cap. Some hydraulic cylinders have two rod ends. In these cylinders, the barrel has a rod situated at both ends. The piston rod is the mechanism that connects the actuator to the barrel where the pressurized fluid is generated. This connection can result in leakage, so the piston rod must be highly grounded and polished to provide a dependable seal.

What Is a Small Bore Cylinder?

It is essential to know the various mechanisms inside of the cylinder to understand how it operates. It is also essential to understand how these multiple parts function together to make the cylinder move. Zero degrees, or no movement, only occurs when the piston is at the top of the cylinder. Each cylinder movement revolution has 360 degrees. Therefore, the piston is at the bottom of the cylinder when the crank angle is 180 degrees.

The stroke refers to the distance the piston travels to get from zero to 180 degrees. An engine has four strokes if the piston makes four strokes and the crank makes two full revolutions between each combustion firing. The diameter of the inside of the cylinder and the piston’s diameter is referred to as the bore. Small-bore cylinders have a small interior diameter, typically less than 2 millimeters.

Yates Cylinders offers a wide variety of bore sizes for various cylinders. We have cylinders starting at 1.5 millimeters but also carry cylinders that are 2 and 4 millimeters.

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

Our in-house engineering team can manufacture and design quality systems for a wide variety of applications. Our custom cylinder designs can incorporate a wide variety of local holding valves, mounting options and direct mounting options. We also offer custom paint and maintenance options.

No matter your requirements, we can provide you with a device to satisfy your needs and help you grow your business. Whether you need a double acting or single-acting actuator, our engineer team can design a cylinder to meet your project’s requirements. Whether you work in the automotive, manufacturing, engineering or construction industry, we can build a customized actuator to help power your piece of equipment.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

A hydraulic cylinder is imperative to your business’s productivity, and when it fails, you need to get it replaced or repaired quickly, affordably and efficiently. Yates manufactures, repairs, rebuilds and replaces small hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic cylinder repair process can be a complex problem, so it needs to be done by a professional with the correct experience and tools. Our technicians will evaluate your cylinder by disassembling it and reviewing all of the mechanisms. We will ensure that your small hydraulic cylinder is repaired the first time correctly.

Cylinder Manufacturers in the USA

Yates Cylinders is a respected leader in the hydraulics industry. We offer on-demand 24-hour hydraulic cylinder repair, custom cylinder repair and 24-hour part replacement. While we specialize in supply small bore cylinders, we can also provide units that are wider in diameter. Contact us for more details today!

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